Artist db walton loves to do full-immersion travel.  What that means is this… no tours, visit neighborhoods and immerse yourself in the culture and surroundings.  Capturing Beauty (his tag line) means more than capturing the beauty in people, but capturing the beauty in the surrounds and culture.

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Finger Lakes


Coming in 2016 – Mexico

Travelers – Attention:

If you are a traveler and would like to receive professional quality images of your adventure, contact us.  The terms are simple:  Provide travel (air and ground), lodging, meals, any local fees, and a licensing fee and you can receive copies of db walton’s images after the trip.  A deposit is required, and db walton reserves the right to refuse any travel that involves conditions not suitable for health (i.e. disease infested areas) and safety (war or high crime areas) as well as physical abilities (i.e. Mr. Walton is not trained in mountaineering and would decline a Mt. Everest ascent for example.)

Images would included pictures featuring you and your traveling companions in locations where you visit as well as scenic photographs.

Note:  Any destination requirements, such as equipment fees (example:  some tourist sites may charge a camera/photography fee) are the responsibility of the client.  Any and all costs associated with the trip, aside from the photographer’s personal souvenirs, are the responsibility of the client.