Huge Sale Act Now

Huge Sale Act Now

We’re having a huge sale act now!  Use the code SHINE35 before 7/15/2016 midnight and receive 35% off!  (Your order must be $100 or more.)

Just think!  35% off might pay for going out to dinner while getting a great Fine Art by DB print for your home.

copyright 2016 db walton - Huge Sale Act Now
Fine Art by DB – Palmyra Temple


Fine art in your home can add warmth.  It gives a home that lived-in feeling.  It makes the home inviting.

Fine art in your business helps clients feel more comfortable and welcome.  Choose a theme and decorate your office with images of that theme.  For example, a doctor’s office might have a theme of waterfalls and brooks.  These tranquil images can help people feel less stressed.


Our products are of the best quality.  From the paper the image is printed on to the glazing over the print and matting, it is all the best.

You will also find for the quality you cannot get a better deal at the big art stores even with their 50% off coupons.  The last framed, matted and glazed print I had done at the M store cost me hundreds of dollars.  Through Fine Art by DB I have ordered the same for about 1/2 the price.  (Still over $100, but not quite the $300+ I spent at the M store.)

Sizing Your Picture

Sizing Your Picture

As an artist, one of the biggest crimes is hanging a picture that is simply too small for the room.  An 8×10 above the sofa can look like a postage stamp. Sizing your picture is crucial for the best decor.

How Big?

How big should it be?

Well, that depends on the room and where you are going to hang it.  But, my rule of thumb is 1/2 (or more) of the width of the viewing area.

Let me give an example…

Suppose you have a space above the fireplace that is framed by book shelves.  Let’s say it is 6′ wide.  Then, your framed print should be at least 3′ wide, and allowing for some space on the edges, probably no more than 5′ wide.

copyright 2016 db walton - Sizing your Pictures
Above the Sofa

Here’s another example…

If your sofa is 80″ wide, your print should be at least 40″ wide.  This allows the print to be seen by people facing the sofa.

Our Services

Our services allow you to size your print.  We offer Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Grande and Massive as our sizes.  You’ll notice these are print specific.  (i.e. One Petite might be 15.5 x 18.5, while another might be 16¾ x 19¾.)  The size is relative to its length and width.  (Note:  Grande and Massive  are often only available as prints due to shipping restrictions.  For those sizes, we recommend a local, custom framer.)

Using our services you can select your print, its size, a frame and mat (up to 3 layers) and the glass over the print.  Here’s a small and large of the same print…

copyright 2016 db walton - sizing your print
copyright 2016 db walton - sizing your print


Ordering is easy.  Look to the right side of the screen once you’ve selected your print.  There you will find all of the paper, framing, matting and glazing options.  The price components are even broken down for you.

For example:

A framed print might cost $326.02.  This breaks down as follows:

Print $92.45
Frame $88.40
Mats $72.00
Glazing $43.73
Fitting $29.45

What are you waiting for?

Order a print today!