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Popular Request

Popular Request

By popular request… we take requests!

That’s right, we take requests for both photos and paintings.  We listen to all requests, and the popular requests get produced and placed in the stores in a timely manner.

Your Request

Your personal request may not be a popular one (or you might be the first to request it).  However, your request will be fulfilled faster if you’re willing to pre-order a wall print (or a large number of postcards).

What does that mean?

It means if you are willing to commit, up front, to a $500 purchase, we’ll produce your request for a wall print.  In the case of postcards, we ask for a 1,000 card purchase.

This is contingent on our having the image in our collection already.  If your request requires travel somewhere, we will let you know if that location is in our plans.


Requests in the form of commissions take top priority.  Our policy is you deposit a retainer with our studio.  The cost of the retainer will depend on the nature of the commissioned work.  You are then billed for time, expenses and materials.  If your retainer begins to run low, we will request an additional deposit.  Any balance due will be payable upon delivery of the final work.

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