Mounted on Your Wall

Mounted on Your Wall

Your wall is the place to display art.  Bare walls look bland and stark.  Well displayed art work on your wall adds warmth and character to a room.

My wife and I were having lunch in a trendy little cafe today.  Looking at the art work on the wall my wife commented on the size of the canvases.  (I’m guessing they were close to 40×50 inch prints.)  Spaced about a foot apart, several of them covered the pale green walls adding color to the room and enhancing the dining experience.

copyright 2016 db walton - Sizing your Pictures
Above the Sofa

The really cool thing about our web site is you can design the finished product.  Pick the prints you want, and then you can pick the frame and matting.  By the time you are done you can have a unique combination designed for decor.


There are many art web sites online that don’t give you a choice.  You order what they have and that’s what you get.  At Fine Art by DB we give you choices.

Here is a good example.  If someone has a more modern decor and wants a gallery wrap print, they might order this…



copyright 2016 db walton - Your Wall
Canvas Wrap Choice


However, someone with a more tradition decor might order this framed in a wood frame and matted with earth tones.

copyright 2016 db walton - Your Wall
Framed, Matted and Glazed Print

We give you your choice.  The cool thing about it is you can see before you order.  The sizes and dimensions are to scale when you design your print.  Simply click on the Customize Framing link (right side) to choose your options.  There is also the popular configuration section if you’re having a hard time deciding.  Either way, the choices are all up to you.

What are you waiting for?

You need a db walton piece in your home.  Place your order today!


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Nature Sale

Nature Sale

What’s not to love about a nature sale.  You ask, “What’s a nature sale?”  Well, in our case, any pictures of nature.

copyright 2016 db walton
Nature Sale Going on NOW

And, since most of my photographs and paintings deal with Mother Nature in one form or another, use the code NATURE25 and save 25% off print from

How to Order

When you go to our store, mouse over the various categories in our main menu to see sub categories.  Select the category or subcategory you want to visit.  (Note:  There are images in the main category as well as the sub categories.)

Once in a gallery, it will look something like this…

Nature Sale - copyright 2016 db walton
Nature Gallery

The pictures that appear on the left are clickable links to the store page.  Scroll down looking at the various thumbnails, and then when you see one you like, click on it.  It will take you to a page that looks something like this…

copyright 2016 db walton - Nature Sale
Print Customization Page


Notice above that I circled a section in red.  This is where you can customize your print!  That’s right.  As you can see, that print as displayed is about 30×40 inches.  That might be too large for your needs.  So, you can click on a different size.

Don’t like the frame?

Click on a different frame.

Don’t like the color of the matting?

Click on a different color of matting.  You can add up to three mats!

Finally, choose a glass/acrylic to cover your print.  I recommend the non-glare.  It cost a bit more, but looks so much nicer.


Reminder:  The code to use is NATURE25.  This is good until midnight (Eastern Time – NYC) May 27th, 2016.


May 17th Sale

May 17th Sale

Tonight until midnight (May 17th Sale) you can save 40% off any order at  At checkout use the code BOLD40 .  That’s right, 40% off everything in our galleries until midnight 5/17/2016 (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

copyright 2016 db walton - Sale May 17th
Ghost Town

Here’s how it works…

From the above menu select the category of art.  In this case, I selected Travel->Americana.

I then clicked on the sample image of the old car.  (Shown above with the artist’s recommended framing and matting.)  There I was able to customize it to change the frame to go with my decor.  I even chose a darker mat.

copyright 2016 db walton - May 17th Sale
With a Different Frame and Mat

I added it to my cart and proceeded with the checkout process.  When it got to the payment section, I added the code BOLD40 and I saved about $150 off my custom order!


The last time I went to that huge chain store with a 50% off a custom framing job, it cost me more than that just for the frame and mat!    This includes that Fine Art by DB print.

When it Arrives

When it arrives your print will be neatly packaged.  As you unpack it, you’ll see it has everything you need to hang it on your wall.  No twisting wires or anything like that.  The hanging hardware is already attached to the picture.  You just hang it on the wall once your hook is in place.