Still Life

Still Life

Whether it be flowers, fruits and vegetables, or everyday objects, a still life image can add to a room’s decor.

Note:  the flowers in the still life section are staged, whereas the flowers in the flowers section are as they appear in nature or gardens.  At least, that’s the plan.  If you want to see more flowers, visit the flowers section under Nature.

Attention buyers and designers:  Do you buy or design for a large hotel or restaurant chain?   If you would like to purchase bulk copies of any of these images, please contact us directly for pricing.  Bulk prints may be ordered as prints only.  When contacting us, make sure you know the quantities and sizes so we can provide you with an accurate quote.  We can also drop ship to multiple locations.

Two Peppers Intertwined by D. Brent Walton

Two Peppers Intertwined

Trois Fleurs by D. Brent Walton

Trois Fleurs

Subtle Shades by D. Brent Walton

Subtle Shades

Pepper-J Noir by D. Brent Walton

Pepper-J Noir

Flowers in Gray by D. Brent Walton

Flowers in Gray

Pepper-J by D. Brent Walton


trois-poivres-three-peppers-red by D. Brent Walton

Trois Poivres (Three Peppers)

Pepper I by D. Brent Walton

Pepper I

Fruit and Vase by D. Brent Walton

Fruit and Vase

Pepper II by D. Brent Walton

Pepper II


All of these images are copyright 2016 D. Brent Walton.  All rights reserved.  These images may not be used for any purpose without express written permission and license.  Contact us for licensing details.  Fine Art by DB is a service from photography by db walton llc, Palmyra, New York, 14522.