Smoke Series

Smoke Series

Series created in the studio by artist D. Brent Walton (aka db walton).  Each image represents hours of watching, waiting and experimenting with smoke patterns.  As smoke doesn’t always cooperate (as anyone knows who has dealt with it getting in their eyes at a campfire), it was an effort of discovery.  Temperature, humidity, and air movement has drastic effects.  In the end, Walton has captured some real mystical images in this series on smoke.

Note:  Angel of Death and Angel of Resurrection are meant to be purchased as a pair, however, you may purchase them individually.

About the Technique

For this series the artist used a black background and a single studio flash.  The incense was held by a lump of modeling clay.  After being lit, the smoke was allowed to stabilize.  It was quickly discovered that the smoke would rise in a columnar fashion.  This wasn’t very appealing.  Attempts to blow the smoke would disperse it into the room with little trace.  Finally, the artist discovered small hand movements a foot or more away from the smoke column would have significant effect.

The Smoke Series is the result of much trial and error over the course of several days.

Abstract images of rising smoke off a stick of incense.

Spinal Column by D. Brent Walton

Spinal Column
Artist’s favorite of the series

Pegasus by D. Brent Walton

Angel of Death by D. Brent Walton

Angel of Death

AngelOfResurrection by D. Brent Walton

Angel of Resurrection

palindrome by D. Brent Walton

beguiling-eve by D. Brent Walton
Beguiling Eve

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All of these images are copyright 2016 D. Brent Walton.  All rights reserved.  These smoke images may not be used for any purpose without express written permission and license.  Contact us for licensing details.  Fine Art by DB is a service from photography by db walton llc, Palmyra, New York, 14522.