Welcome to my Abstract gallery.  In this gallery the artist presents paintings done inside the camera.  For example, in my Smoke Series, you will see paintings done with smoke.  Other series may be paintings done with light or multiple exposures.

Some inquire as to how the “inside the camera” work is done.  This is done through a variety of techniques such as multiple exposures, post-production overlays of multiple photos from the camera, and in-camera processing.  The results are striking colors and textures.



All of these images are copyright 2016 D. Brent Walton.  All rights reserved.  These abstract images may not be used for any purpose without express written permission and license.  Contact us for licensing details.  Fine Art by DB is a service from photography by db walton llc, Palmyra, New York, 14522.

Bulk Quantity Purchase

If you are a designer, purchaser for a hotel chain or restaurant, and would like bulk pricing (with or without framing and matting), please contact us at (925) 759-3oo2.  Please have available sizes and quantities so we can provide you with a quote.  We will also want to know if all prints will be shipped to a single address, or drop-shipped to individual addresses.

–Thank you!