There are two sections to LDS Art:

Artist db walton lives in the Village of Palmyra, New York, walking distance from the Book of Mormon Publication Site (aka the Grandin Press Building).  He and his wife operate the Beckwith Mansion and Estate (a tourist home – which is like a B&B without the breakfast.)

The Beckwith Mansion - LDS Art
The Beckwith Mansion Palmyra, New York

While we do not keep a full inventory of his work on site, you can drop by for a tour and to see the quality of pieces that are for sale here.

His Work Elsewhere

You may have seen his work elsewhere too.  D. Brent Walton’s (aka db walton) work has been in the Ensign and Friend magazines, as well as Church News,,, and the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.


Please honor copyright laws.  All images sold on this site are copyright D. Brent Walton.  Right clicking an image, even for use in Relief Society, Young Womens, Scouting, Priesthood activity, etc, is against the law!  If you are looking for free-to-use images for LDS church purposes, please visit  Make sure you read the terms and conditions.   For example, downloading an image from there and having it printed to hang on the wall of your home is a violation of copyrights.   Hence, please purchase prints if your intent is to hang it on your wall.