Kelly Jones

kelly jones
Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones is a retired engineer and an avid photographer for 25 years. He has traveled widely during his career and has captured much of the world’s natural beauty, cultures, and lifestyles. Kelly is well versed in all aspects of photography, post production, and artistic styling.

He and his wife Janet recently served as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Vancouver, Canada.  Both are now serving as Church Service Photography missionaries. Kelly also is interested in family history and genealogy.   As a result, Kelly has compiled, written, and published three books about his ancestry.

Kelly Jones on Fine Art by DB

We strive to become a multi-artist site.  Kelly is our first artist to  join us at Fine Art by DB.    You will see Kelly’s work in the appropriate galleries.  For example, as you look at LDS Temples you will begin to see work by Kelly in addition to db walton’s work.

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