About Our Artists

About Our Artists

Fine Art by DB is becoming a multi-artist art store.  We are looking for talented artists to take advantage of our goodwill and search engine placement.

If you are an artist, and want to know more, click here.


db walton – click here
Kelly Jones – click here (coming soon)

How It Works

This is how it works for you artists out there.  Once an agreement between us is signed, you provide us with a high resolution file and a description of the work.  We take it from there.  When it sells, we provide you with 85% of the profit we receive.  For example, if you sell a print for $1,000, and after our fulfilment house takes their cut (which includes the cost of printing), and they send us payment for $400, you would get 85% of $400 which is $340.

If your artwork doesn’t sell, we don’t make any money.  If it does sell, we make a small 15% commission of the net (not the gross).  In the above example, we would only keep $60 of the $400.

What did you have to do?

All you had to do is provide us with a high resolution file of your creative work and a description.  That’s it.

What we will be doing?

We will be creating sample images, like this one, to promote your work on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.  We also pay for the web site without asking subscription fees from you.

copyright 2016 db walton

Could you do this yourself using the same tools?

Of course you could, however you wouldn’t be taking advantage of our already existing following.  And, you would have to maintain the a web site, manage the S.E.O., and all the other work that goes along with it.

Remember, we only make a commission when your work sells.